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 * We recommend using a desktop as this page might be difficult to read on a mobile device.

   How to sell your cards:

1) After clicking on the buylist page, simply go into the search bar above and search for the cards you want to sell! After your search enter the quanitity of the card you would like to sell and click "SELL". When you're done with searching all the cards you wish to sell, go into the upper right hand corner and click on the shopping cart and then click "Submit Buylist". Please keep in mind these prices are quotes and are not official until we agree to them.

 2) If you do not have an account with us, please create one. It's fast and easy and it will help track your order. After registering simply choose how you would like to be paid. We offer paypal, check, and store credit as payment. Then click "Submit Buylist" at the bottom.

3) Wait for the confirmation email to arrive. Check your spam/junk folder! After you submit your buylist, we have to double check that the posted prices are correct.

4) After we approve (this usually is immediately), you will get another email confirming the order with these same instructions. The prices confirmed in the email might be different than the original quoted price. If a card's price changes and you no longer wish to sell it for the new price, you're more than welcome leave it out of the package and still get paid for each other card.

5) Include your printout with your package.

6) Please send the cards how they appear on the list given on the email. If this is not done, a 20% final value charge will be applied for sorting.

7) Package and ship your cards. Please make sure that the cards are in a safe package. It doesn't matter what package it comes in as long as the cards are safe. Could be a box, bubble mailer, etc.

8) Mail your package out to:


Cardboard Palooza
Buylist Order
3447 Lindbergh Dr
Indianapolis, IN 46237
9) Once we receive your package, you will be emailed and paid IMMEDIATELY upon grading the products. It's that easy! If your desired payout option is check, we will mail your check within the next 2 business days.


• We currently offer payouts in store credit, paypal transfer, and check.

• We only accept NEAR MINT cards. Any card(s) that arrives in a condition that is not near mint will have its price reduced. The rates for non-near mint cards are:

Lightly Played - 80%

Moderately Played - 65%

Heavily Played - 50%

Damaged - 25%

• ALL buylist orders not received within 10 days of being accepted will be subject to new market prices.

• ALL buylist orders must be at least $20!


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